Thursday, May 31, 2007

wagons east

Well here it is. Last day at work. I'm gonna get some coffee.

That's better.

it seems so out of context in this gaudy apartment complex

I always thought it was cool when we were driving around places with my Dad that he just knew where he was. We go to California to visit grandparents and he's got it down. Anytime we're in Seattle he knows right where we are. I really don't think we've ever been lost with my Dad navigating.

I think back on it a little bit and I realize that he's lived in all these places.

He's still a wonder with directions, but it's interesting to think about how living somewhere changes that place for you. I will always know my way around Ellensburg. I now know my way around Seattle better than I ever thought that I would. I can still remember not knowing the roads in Spokane at all. They are laughably simple, but if you've never been somewhere you just don't know.

I think I will always adore Spokane. Spokane is not adorable. Not until you've lived there and been on the back roads. Not until you find a place to shoot your guns, or have coffee at 2 am, or buildings to sneak into, or cliffs to peer over and wonder.

I never really loved Seattle until I moved (near) here . I'm not sure I'm in love with it now, but there are some amazing places here. I appreciate it so much more. It's easy to write off a place when so many people talk about how amazing it is. I know I did that with Seattle. Maybe that's part of what I love so much about Spokane, no one is hyping it. You always have people that show you cool places in a city, but a lot of Spokane you kinda have to figure out for yourself. Or with that one other person, I suppose.

Gas works park in Seattle is incredible. Green Lake is gorgeous. I Love Ballard as well. Those are the places I will miss.

I'm excited to figure out Yakima.

It's easy to write off places because they don't have the things you're used to. Yakima does not have a Green Lake or a Gas works Park. They won't be there, and if I look for them I will be disappointed.

But I know I'm going to find some awesome places. I'm going to find a place to get coffee and sit in a comfy chair. I'm going to find some great roads to ride my bike on. There are going to be interesting people and lame people, just like anywhere else. I'm going to see things that make me wonder why I'm there, and I'm going to find places that make me so sure that I'm in the exact right place.

That's life, and I'm excited about it.

don't you feed me lies about some idealistic future


Tim said...

I like and appreciate these thoughts.

Jordan & Danielle said...

You are amazing. I'm related to a very wise poet and didn't know it.