Tuesday, May 1, 2007

ahoy good sir

I will not be the least bit surprised if(when) I get billed for the cleaning on my apartment. I was there until after midnight, but I just wasn't productive.

I got everything out, wiped pretty much everything down, and vacuumed for EVER. I even bought a Swiffer and rocked my kitchen floor with it.

Yet, It just didn't feel sparkling. I think I'm just not good at cleaning. I feel ridiculous typing that, because it's obviously a cop out, but it's totally true. I just don't have a lot of practice at making things shine. I think there are probably a short list of tricks that if you do those certain things a place feels like ten times cleaner, when it's really just another 30 minutes of work.

That's what I tell myself anyway. I'm really just a spoiled 13 year old boy when it comes to cleaning.

Also, You can only scrub so much mold before a cleaning fee becomes worth paying. We will see though, we will see.

The Enkema's (the family that I'm currently intruding upon) are probably the nicest family I could have been lucky enough to fall into. They are so nice and hospitable every time I'm there. I absolutely appreciate the fact that they are letting me intrude.

Even after one night though, I'm dying for my own place. I guess it does make sense that it would be hard right away. It will be hard after three weeks too, but for different reasons. It's hard now because I'm not used to it. It will be hard later because I'm too used to it.

Does that make any sense...

Wow. After just lamenting (read: whining) about not having my own place, I got an email from my friend Tyler (who I am working for/with this summer) about an apartment opening up with my name on it! Now that is a blessing that I'm excited about, thankful for, and humbled by.


I like to think of myself as pretty independent. I've done a lot of living on my own and I absolutely love having my own space. My biggest qualm with this process of giving up the money that goes along with this (useless) job is that I would have a lot less control over my living situation. I wasn't really obsessing over it or anything, but it was definitely my hesitation. After deciding to just be obedient and let God sort it out, I'm blessed with my own place. How awesome is that? The awesomest, in my opinion. (p.s.- awesomest isn't a word)

Back to another fairly useless day at work. I ended up waking up on my own at around 8am today. I think the different environment was keeping me on my guard. I had been at work for about 20 minutes before my alarm to wake up went off at 9:05. I think it is the earliest I've ever gotten here. Which is ridiculous.

I'm feeling happy, blessed and very laid back right now. Hum-dee-dum. I am going to leave work early, get some stuff from Mark's and then go to e-burg for the night. What a sense of freedom. What a blessing to have a car and gas and parents that will always take me in.

I feel like I could probably beam a huge ray of blinding light right now.

Maybe I should go for a run and calm down.


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