Wednesday, May 23, 2007

lawlz M$

This gentleman is certainly more talented than I ever will be, but here is another example of MS being lame.

I found myself trying to explain to my co-workers than once you install Vista and turn off all the stupid crap and "features" that no one likes, you're left with something that costs 400$ and isn't an upgrade from the previous release. Someone argued that it was a bit faster.

5 years, tons and tons of money, it's a bit faster.

Well done.

Seriously though, I hate being surrounded by people at work that purposefully bring it up, but then don't really want to discuss anything.

I got called a "mac-user" at work yesterday. I told them I have no problem with that, and one of the blowhards was like "of course you don't".

LoL, right.
I bought it.
Of course I don't.

What does that even mean? When I say that my laptop will do anything anyone else's will including run windows, no one has much to say.

Plus it's cute.

I will not miss sitting around the lunch table with most of the people I work with. There are always a few good ones though. To those I say good luck.

Sunny day in eburg++!

p.s. - That link was sent to me by Forrest Pangborn, thanks Forrest!


anna said...

i love getting the inside scoop from MS. and we're on your side.

GOSH those macs are precious. sweet little white lambs.

Timothy said...

White on white on white. The aesthetic appeal alone could have sold me to mr. macbook.

But you and I both know it's on the inside that counts.

I like your blog. You're infinitely witty.