Saturday, May 19, 2007

lazy saturday.

Sitting at Mark's while he plays WoW and his littler brother is playing Xbox in the other room.

Video games are pretty incredible. They can be so fun and overwhelming, and they just don't satisfy sometimes. Maybe it's the rocking chair I've been using as a desk chair, but I just can't stand to sit and play WoW for more than an hour lately.

Maybe I'm growing out of it...
Maybe It's the chair. :)

I've been reading Don Miller's book about his road trip. "Through painted Deserts" I think. I've been biking into bellevue and reading it at Jimmy John's or Starbucks while enjoying a sandwich or coffee, depending the location. It's a brilliant book, I had to choke back some tears in JJ's because of it today. I'm a little ridiculous, but it's well written nonetheless.

Hmm. I went dancing last night with a bunch of girls and a few guys. It was really fun.

I'm anxious. I'm...ansty. I'm bored. I've already gone on a bike ride, but maybe it's time for #2. Maybe I should just call someone and do something.

maybe I'll maybe the night away.

1 comment:

anna said...

reading is good.
jj's is good & has good memories of hysterical laughter.
bike riding is good.

your blogging is good.
thank you.

haha :)