Saturday, July 14, 2007


Iced coffee is good. I am sitting at "Essencia" a bakery/chocolatier that apparently couldn't help but sell coffee to sweaty bike riders. The A/C in here is enough to get me to stay for a while.

I just finished reading Donald Miller's To own a dragon. It was fantastic. He grew up without a father and the book is mostly about that, and how it affected his life. This wasn't as relevant to me, as I had a wonderful father, but he goes on to talk a lot about growing into maturity and what that looks like as a man. I found that to be extremely helpful and encouraging as I, believe it or not, am a man that deals with maturity issues.

Yakima has been good. Working on things that you believe are actually valuable make it a lot easier to enjoy what you're doing. Oh man, Miller talks about work in To own a dragon as well and it's great. Do you believe God actually created us to work? Think about the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve were there to work it and take care of it. To enjoy it!

Only after we sinned did God say we wouldn't enjoy it, that we would "labor in vain". We are created for valuable work, to produce and create, just like he did.

You gotta love that.

In that same light, we are created for rest too. After six days of work, God rested.

It's an easy thing to look over, but if God took a day off, how much more do we need it?

Just thinking.